Civil Engineering
Welcome to Department of Civil Engineering


  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Concrete and Structural Engg Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab
  • Transportation Engg Lab
  • Environmental Engg Lab
  • Surveying

Centres of Excellence (CoE)

GIS and Remote Sensing Centre
The centre is imparting two semester training on state of the art of Technology of Geographic Information system (GIS) & Remote Sensing tailored towards inventory, mapping and monitoring of natural resources. The training is currently provided to students of civil Engineering Branch.

Student Society and Chapters

Civil Engineering society came into existence along with the Civil Engineering Department. The society of Civil Engineering was started in order to disseminate the knowledge about latest development in the field of Civil Engineering. The Society organise workshops and talks by eminent people to exchange information and ideas. These activities help the students for developing leadership skills, organizational skills and overall personality. Society of Civil Engineering publishes Annual Magazine which is a platform for the student to show their talent in technical and literary spheres.

Civil Engineering Society also organises welcome ceremony for first year civil engineering students and farewell for final year students. It also involves in college annual fuction.

Skill Development Courses offered at CoE

Sl. No Semester Hour Compulsory –I Compulsory-II
01 1st 24 SOFT SKILLS  ---------
02 2nd 24 BEC  ---------
03 3rd 45 AutoCAD-I NIL
04 4th 40 Aoto CAD with Projects-II NIL
05 5th 48 RS & GIS-I STAAD PRO ( 20 hrs)
06 6th 90 APTITUDE(60) MOCK TEST/GD/PI(30hrs.)
07 7th 24 RS & GIS-I NIL